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Facebook Ads Explained 2020

The reason I wrote this blog is I had to explain Facebook Ads in very simple words to a client who was not that tech-savvy. I drafted an email for him while drafting this email I wrote this blog and thought I should also share this on my blog as...

Types of Audience Targeting

What are the types of Audience Targeting on Facebook Ads?

This is a very common question, I have been asked a lot of time by clients and people. They also ask what type of targeting do I use for my campaigns to achieve the objectives and the projected ROI. Before I get into what audience targeting I use, I...

Optimise Local SEO

How to Optimise Your Local SEO?

With Google constantly changing and updating its algorithm, it is getting harder to rank on search engines. There are almost 2 billion websites on the world wide web and more than 200 million websites are active, so imagine the amount of competition...

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