New Google SEO Update: Page Experience

On May 28 Google announced a new update(Page Experience) in their ranking algorithm (SEO)  which is designed to rank web pages on their search engine based on how users interact with the website or a web page. Or to put it another way: If users...

How to set up Shopping Ads for YouTube?

Google last week unveiled its new entrant into advertising space called YouTube Shopping Ads to make their platform more “Shoppable”.  This new campaign format is a fusion of Google Shopping Ads & YouTube Ads.  It takes YouTube video ads to...

Facebook shops

Facebook Revamping E-commerce Shopping

It is evident that the COVID-19 crisis has made it very clear for all the businesses that they need to have a digital presence. We have seen so many stores doing well pre-COVID and now they are closed, the most common reason behind all of them was...

facebook ads explained 2020

Facebook Ads Explained 2020

In layman’s terms, Facebook Ads works on similar mechanics like printing an ad on Newspaper. In this article, I've explained Facebook Ads in very simple term.