Coronavirus: Digital Marketing Checklist

Coronavirus: Digital Marketing Checklist

digital marketing strategy during coronavirus

Businesses worldwide are affected by Coronavirus, follow this checklist to ensure that you review all the important things you need during coronavirus.

Many businesses whether small or large, both are equally affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19/Coronavirus, whether it is in the form of any event cancellation or government regulations to close the physical store or a country in total lockdown. While no one can be sure of the ultimate impact on individual businesses, however, it is important to understand and plan out strategies that can help reduce the overall impact of the COVID-19/Coronavirus to your business. I’ve compiled a list or checklist you can follow to ensure that you review all the important things in regard to changes you have to make with your business, digital marketing and operations.

  • Keep Google My Business Up to Date
    Make sure you regularly update your Google My Business profile, because now people will double-check Google My business listing before making a trip down to your store. Keep your customers updated via regular updates on your Google My Business Profile such as a change in store timings, any special offer, anything that is not usual to your business operations.
  • Communicate with your Customers
    This is the time where you as a business needs to keep your communication channel updated and keep a regular communication with your customers, this doesn’t mean you have to call each and every customers and talk to them regularly. You can keep them updated by posting updates on your website as to how & what steps you are taking to mitigate the risk of COVID-19/coronavirus exposure and informing your customers that you are still open for business. Email is also a good channel to communicate with your customers. Send your list an email everytime you make an important change like change in policies(cancellation or refund policy), change in delivery times etc.
  • Review your advertising messages
    As this is a very difficult times in everyone lifes, review your advertising messages as some of messages might be very sensitive at this time. You might need to change your messages or call to action. Not everyone will be in a purchasing capacity at the moment, like they used to when things were normal. You might want to change your strategy to focus on engagement instead of conversions. If you are able to keep your users engaged, they are more likely to buy from you when situation allows.
  • Be Social & Maintain your Presence
    During the last 3 weeks, Facebook & Instagram has reported 87% increase in their application usage, this is a huge increase. People now have more time to explore and consume content online, a lot of things are going viral in a short period of time for example, Dolgona Coffee is now on everyone’s stories, before today I didn’t knew anything about it. This is the time to be active on social media and engage with your audience and expose your brand to your audience.

    Plan & Strategise your social media content and include things like quizzes, Q&A sessions, host Facebook & Instagram Lives and talk about random stuff and connect with your audience in real time.
  • Review your Audience Targeting
    This might be a little complex task for businesses to do, as you have to identify and segregate audiences based on their behaviour. For example: Previously as an e-commerce business you were able to ship your product nationally, however, with government lockdown you are restricted to your home state only, so you might need to adjust your audience targeting and exclude those outside your home state from conversion campaigns.

    Focus more on Remarketing Audience, with remarketing audience you will have to spend less efforts and money to build trust with them as they have already interacted with your business or know your business.
  • Website Update
    If you are ignoring the website updates for a time being, this is the time to focus on that and allocate the resources and time on it. Redesign your website, add more new content & pictures.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    I saved the most important task for the last, in my opinion, this should be your focus during this time after when you have optimized your website & advertising strategies. SEO activities are bit tedious and time consuming, but this is the best time to get on it and complete your SEO activity task sheet. Biggest advantage would be when everything get back to normal your website will be SEO optimized and you will be able to rank your website higher on the search engine when the traffic gets back to normal. This will give you a headstart among your competitors.

In the end, I would like to say guys please be safe, take all the precautions that your country doctors & government is asking you to prevent & fight coronavirus.

Stay Home & Stay Safe. Take Care of the Elderly in your family.

Cheers. Much Love to all.

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