How to Optimise Your Local SEO?

How to Optimise Your Local SEO?

Optimise Local SEO

Want to rank your website higher in search engine locally. Use this strategy on how to optimize your website for Local SEO?

With Google constantly changing and updating its algorithm, it is getting harder to rank on search engines. There are almost 2 billion websites on the world wide web and more than 200 million websites are active, so imagine the amount of competition on the search engine.

Your website is competing with more than 200 million websites to rank on search engines. With all this competition, ranking local businesses websites on search engine have become harder too and I understand the frustration and pain behind all the hard work that goes into optimising the SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) of local business websites so that people searching for their business near to their location can find them on search engines.

In this blog post, I will be sharing my strategy on how to optimize your website for Local SEO?

Let’s dive in.

Create your Google My Business Profile

This should be your first step after publishing your website and if you want people to find you on Google search. 

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free and easy tool from Google to manage the online presence for businesses and organizations across Google. With Google My Business Profile, people will be able to find your business on Google Search & Google Maps. It is not just a yellow page kind of listing, it is your business online profile, you can update, add photos, post and videos, businesses can even engage with their reviews via Google My Business profile, users can leave a review for your business. Google My Business also gives you insight on how many searches your profile appeared, how many users clicked on your profile etc. 

Optimize your website for Local Content

This is the most important in gaining higher ranks on search engines. Your website should be optimised for local content. By optimising for local content I meant, that you should

  • Add local search terms in your website
  • Do your keyword research on a local level
  • Write content keeping in mind your local audience, how they talk, what are they looking for, what do they ask when they walk into your store
  • Create a proper contact us page with your Name, Address, Contact details, add a Google Map with direction option
  • Add a Schema Markup on your website, so that it is easy for search engines to identify your website

Get Reviews

Usually, it is a part of website content optimisation, but I treat it as a separate strategy when it comes to local SEO, I also want to stress the fact that it is now very important to get reviews, REALLY REALLY REALLY important. If you are not managing reviews then you are not doing yourself a favour. Getting reviews helps your business profile become more authoritative and it also helps you build trust with your customers. 

reviews for local SEO

Reviews are the first thing that a customer reads before visiting your business online or instore. Almost 90% of the online consumers read reviews before visiting a business, now you can sense how important it is to have reviews (positive reviews). Online reviews works on the same mechanics as “Word of Mouth” & more than 88% of online consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. This is not only for your consumers this works for search engines too, more positive reviews mean search engines will more likely rank you higher than the others.

Create or Claim your Online Profiles

If you want people to find your business, you need to create or claim your online profiles. By online profiles, I meant creating profiles on platforms like Zomato if you are a restaurant, submit your business listing in local directories(there are 100s of directories related to almost all the niches), claim your social media handles, get on yelp etc. This activity or strategy will make your business or brand more visible online, it will establish a strong brand presence and position online. Not only brand positioning, but this will also help you reach out to more people beyond the geographical boundaries, beyond the area your business serves physically. 

restaurant listing
restuarant listing 1

Implement the strategy mentioned above and you will see the results coming your way. I am saying this because I have and I do implement this strategy when it comes Local SEO and I have gotten good results. I could have written the full 2000 words blogpost on Local SEO, but I only listed 4 strategies because I believe these are the most important part of local SEO.

I hope you liked the blog post and got some value out of this blogpost. If you have any question or comment or you have a different local SEO strategy please do comment below, I would be happy to discuss. I would greatly appreciate if you could leave a comment or share this blog with your friends who needs some tips on improving local SEO.

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