How to set up Shopping Ads for YouTube?

How to set up Shopping Ads for YouTube?

Google last week unveiled its new entrant into advertising space called YouTube Shopping Ads to make their platform more “Shoppable”. 

This new campaign format is a fusion of Google Shopping Ads & YouTube Ads. 

It takes YouTube video ads to another level, with this new format, you can showcase your products along with your video ad, if a user clicks on a product it will take them directly to the product page.

With this new ad format, Google has empowered YouTube advertising space with real actionable ad type which was missing before. Considering the amount of viewership or the amount of time people spend on YouTube this ad type will surely benefit a lot of e-commerce advertisers. This is a golden opportunity for all the e-commerce advertisers to scale up their YouTube campaigns. 

To enable this new feature, YouTube has fused their Trueview for action ad and Shopping ads, with Trueview for action ads, you can create browsable product images to increase conversions or prompt people to take action.

How to setup YouTube Shopping Ads?

To set up the new shoppable ad type, you will have to first connect or sync your Google Merchant Centre with your Google Ads account, if you are already using shopping ads then it is already connected. 

Once your Merchant Centre is connected to Google Ads, you will need to create a new campaign and select Video as the type of campaign.

Once you select your campaign type, a dialogue will open asking you to select a campaign subtype, when prompted, select “Shopping” as your subtype.

youtube shopping ads

After this, you will be taken to the next screen, where you have to confirm the Merchant Centre account and after this step will start the ad creation part. 

The very first thing you will have to do is to select the products you want to advertise along with your video ad. There are multiple options to select your products, such as

  • Select all products
  • Select specific products
  • Create Custom Filters – This is best suited for a large inventory of products
youtube ads

Tip: Select products related to the video, ideally use a category video to advertise and select products from that same category to advertise along with the video. 

This will increase the quality of your campaign and this will help you get higher Click-through rate from the ads, which will result in more conversions.

Moving forward, once you select the products that you want to advertise, you need to confirm other settings like campaign start date, end date, budget & bidding strategy.

Please note, as of now, there is one bidding strategy available for this ad type which is “Maximum CPV” (Cost per view).

Maximum CPV is the strategy where you pay per view not per click.

My favourite part comes after all of this Content. This is my favourite section of the ad creation part. 

youtube ad keyword selection

In this section, you have to select the keywords you want your ads to show. YouTube uses keywords that you select and match it with the description of the videos, user’s search query on YouTube or matches it with the content in the video and place your ads accordingly. 

You can also select the topics of videos where you want your ads to show. This is a very important part of the targeting, you do not want to waste your budget on topics which are not at all relevant to your audience. This helps you narrow down your target audience.

There is a third option as well if you want to monitor or control the placement of your ads, you can select whether you want to show your ads only on YouTube or you also want to show your ads on Google Display network as well. Along with this, there are other placement options like YouTube Channels, YouTube Video, Apps, Websites etc.

Then comes the final part of ad creation, you need to select the video you want to advertise. There are two options to search for the video you want to advertise either search by the name of the video or you can simply copy the video URL from YouTube and paste in the search box to select the video. Then add in the final URL where you want users to go if they click on the ad.

Youtube ad creation
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