How to Strategise Your Digital Marketing during Holidays?

How to Strategise Your Digital Marketing during Holidays?

digital marketing strategy during holidays

Read my latest blog on the 6 Last-Minute Digital Marketing Strategy to Maximise your sales or business during Holidays in 2020.

As we are moving towards the end of the year, only a couple of weeks to go until 2020, we as marketers or business owners have only a couple of weeks to scale up our business with year-end sales. With Holidays seasons, for a lot of businesses and marketers, this time is the time of opportunities to scale up the business or maximise the sales opportunities. People try to use multiple strategies to scale up their sales and profit during this time, some work and some doesn’t work. 

In this blog, I am going to break down the whole strategies on How You Can scale up your business during the holiday season.

6 Last-Minute Digital Marketing Strategy to Maximise your sales or business during Holidays

All of the online businesses get highly active before the start of the holiday season, they start advertising aggressively by displaying massive discounts, exclusive offers etc. But still, some businesses or advertisers are not able to yield good results. Do you know the reason, Why? Because of improper Digital Marketing strategy. 

Below is my Last-Minute Digital Marketing Strategy to get people to spend on your website

Create a Sense of Urgency

  1. Create some exclusive limited time offers like Buy 1 Get 1, Get xx% off today, this way online visitors will be under pressure to miss out on such a good opportunity.
  2. Add Call to actions or use language that prompt users to take action on the website
  3. Add a countdown on the website

Analyse the previous results

  1. Go through your previous events results, check all of the data like the number of sessions, users and sales.
  2. Compare your results with the previous year results
  3. See what product sold best? Why did it sell well?
  4. Figure out if you can replicate this again this holiday?

Create Specific Audiences on Google & Facebook

  1. Create Specific Remarketing Audiences on Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  2. Create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook Ads

Create Specific Advertising Campaigns & Ramp up the budget

  1. Create Special Offer Ads and focus your advertising on a unique selling point.
  2. Focus aggressively on Remarketing Campaign, target users who have added to cart but not purchased, users who’ve been to the website etc.
  3. Be creative with your ads, stand out from competitors
  4. Highlight your brand value, strengths
  5. Add more event or holiday-related keywords
  6. Keep an eye on the CPC of the keywords, as the Cost-per-Click(CPC) usually go up by 140% during holidays.

Optimise your website

  1. Update the look of the website and host event-related sales banners, call to actions and theme
  2. Add a Count-down on the website
  3. Add an exit-intent pop-up with an offer

Don’t wait for last-minute Sale

  1. Start your campaign 2-3 days prior to the event to generate the hype
  2. Start low budget teaser campaigns to let people know about the sale
  3. Increase the budget of the campaigns a day before the main event day so that Google Ads or Facebook ads can fully utilise the budget and yield better ROI.

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