What are the types of Audience Targeting on Facebook Ads?

What are the types of Audience Targeting on Facebook Ads?

Types of Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting in Facebook Ads is a main component of an advertising campaign. If you make a mistake here, your campaign is more likely to fail.

This is a very common question, I have been asked a lot of time by clients and people. They also ask what type of targeting do I use for my campaigns to achieve the objectives and the projected ROI. Before I get into what audience targeting I use, I would like to give an overview of how this system works and what are the types of audience targeting on Facebook ads.

What is Audience Targeting on Facebook?

Audience Targeting is a set of people or users you will be targeting/market or displaying your ads via Facebook Ads portal called Facebook Business Manager. You can have multiple combinations of the audience to target based on your objective or niche.

Let’s get into the types of Audience Targeting.

I will try to breakdown the audience targeting in a simple manner and at the end of this blog, you will able to set up your own combination of targeting.  as I can. Basically, there are three types of audience targeting, Core audience Targeting or Interest targeting which is the term I use, Custom audience or Remarketing audience and Lookalike Audience.

Core Audience Targeting or Interest Targeting

Core Audience is a large set or pool of users categorized by Facebook based on their interest, Facebook categorized these users into various interests based on their activity on Facebook or on the internet browsers. For example, I like a page about Golf, and I also watch a lot of Golf Videos on Facebook and I have also explored a couple of golf websites, so Facebook will categorize me as golf interest users. So if anyone, wants to reach out users who are interested in golf you just need to select golf as your interest, your ad will be displayed or shown target me. Adding interest is not the only part of core audience targeting, there are other options as well such as demographics, locations, genders & age. You can create your own custom combination by selecting the age group, demographic or location you want to target.

The advantage of Core audience is you can reach a large number of users, as the pool is generally large and you can reach out to maximum people within your budget. This type of audience targeting will help you spread your message to masses and this might also yield a lower Cost per Click or Cost per impressions.

Custom Audience or Remarketing Audience

Custom audience or Remarketing Audience is the users or people who have interacted with your ads or they have been to your online store or physical store, they have been to your website, they have been in your store, signed up for a newsletter or engaged with Facebook page or Instagram page. Facebook tracks the activity and tags them and add them to your audience list. Please note, you will not be able to see their details or who they are, Facebook just adds them to your list and you can only see the number of users only. Then you retarget or remarket them with your ads to make them take an action on your website or instore.

P.S. to let Facebook tag the users and add them to your audience list, which has interacted with your business online, interacted with your ads, Facebook page or Instagram page. You need to create and associate a Facebook Pixel to your ads. If you do not create and associate a Facebook Pixel, your audience pool will not populate and you will not be able to create ads using this set of audience.

There are various options to customise your remarketing audience based on their activity and behaviour with your digital assets such as website, application, videos, Instagram business page, Facebook Page etc. You can select users based on their activity or behaviour like for a website, you can select and create a pool of users who visited a specific page, or all users who visited the website, a user who added to cart etc.

Lookalike Audience

This is my favourite audience targeting option. This is a type of audience which is similar to your current pool of audience that Facebook has added to your list, but with advanced behaviour matching option. This is the best feature that Facebook has to offer in online advertising as this allows you to reach more people who are more likely to respond to your business or objective. Basically, you need to select a source audience and select the size of the audience you want for your ad set(please note smaller the size facebook will find the best closely matching audience, larger the size of audience level of similarity decreases).

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